Immersion in English and Ecology at la Sierra

It is possible to drastically improve your English in Colombia
Practice, improve and achieve fluency inEnglish while…..
You enjoy amazing holidays at the Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta and the nearby Caribbean

Certified diving course. Sound experimentation.Workshop on cero  wastepractices at home or farm. Permaculture. Enjoyable evenings some of the most awe-inspiring beaches. All this in an atmosphere designed for attaining a high level of English practice!

Learning a new language requires a multitude of instances for its practice and proficiency. This educational holiday camp provides activities and meaningful contexts as a communicative and vivid experience, in which English is constantly the language in use through the whole activity.


The acquisition of a second language is a communicative skill which implies proficiency in various mental processes. Ecological English Immersion offers a wide array of contexts and activities that allow the participant to practice intensively and constantly in agreat variety of situations. An experience in which it is imperative to speak, listen and read about engaging topics as well as participate in discussions on real problematic and controversial issues in English within a highly interactive and creative atmosphere. The ultimate achievement is an enriching experience that greatly increases the language level in English and very positively adds to the life experience and personal growth in a diversity of academic and social interaction aspects.

Vista desde nuestro espacio de trabajo en Santa Marta

Ecological English Immersion includes

Return  flights Bogota-Santa Marta.
All additional transport.
Medical and accident Insurance for the duration of the activities. Certified diving course with emphasis on ecology.
Sound workshops for non musicians and musicians alike.
Permaculture workshop, cero waste techniques and human waste management.
Guided walk to the mouth of the PalominoRiver.
Beach games and activities, cookery and farewell bon fire.

Groups of just twelve students aged between fourteen and nineteen, hosted byan expert English-speaking tutor. Fun and constructive activities are carried out with a focused emphasis on ecology and including a large element of sport, culture and recreation, and of this speaking English all the time!


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